Message from the President

In September 2021, it was my great honor to assume the presidency of the University of Chicago. I have truly enjoyed reconnecting with the University and its community, learning about the work that is being done across the schools, divisions, and beyond, and understanding the ways in which the University has grown and evolved since I graduated from the College in 1981.

The following annual report covers the final year of Robert J. Zimmer’s tenure as president. As you’ll see from President (now Chancellor) Zimmer’s introduction to the report, despite the numerous and significant challenges faced by higher education institutions during the 2020–21 period, this was a very strong year for the University of Chicago.

This is a testament to the leadership of Robert J. Zimmer and his cabinet, as well as the continuing dedication of our faculty, trustees, students, and staff, along with the many other members of the University community and our partners who have contributed to our success during this challenging period.

I would like to echo Chancellor Zimmer’s sentiments, and express my sincerest thanks to all of you for your continuing contributions and commitment to our University. The collective energy, passion, and spirit of our community, and its commitment to our enduring values and mission, are what make this University a truly unique institution among its peers.

I am excited for the year that lies ahead and all that we can achieve together. I look forward to sharing updates on initiatives already in planning or underway in next year’s report, as we build upon the work done during Robert J. Zimmer’s presidency.

Paul Alivisatos

President Paul Alivisatos (Photo by Jason Smith)