Message from the President

I am pleased to share the University of Chicago’s 2022 annual report. This report serves as an outline of some of the remarkable initiatives, research, and scholarship that took place across the University this past year, along with an overview of the endowment and financial results. It also celebrates the tremendous philanthropy that makes possible so much of what is achieved on our campuses.

Over the course of the year, the University named outstanding current and new scholars to distinguished faculty ranks, and I welcomed a number of distinctive individuals to take on a variety of leadership roles across the University. These academics and administrative leaders bring to their roles a rich variety of experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives. On our campuses in Chicago and beyond, we will be fortunate to benefit from their leadership and scholarship in the years to come.

The University of Chicago was founded on the principle that academic freedom and free expression are the foundation of education and the wellspring of discovery. As an institution, the depth of our commitment to these values distinguishes our community, just as we realize that the integrity of that commitment lies in our ability to include the greatest range of diversity in our academic endeavors. Taken together, these are the ingredients that comprise our distinctive culture and allow for the posing of the most incisive questions and the flourishing of the best ideas.

As we reflect on the depth and breadth of achievement realized on our campuses over the past year, I am reminded of my deep gratitude to our faculty, students, staff, alumni, parents, donors, and friends for their dedication to enriching the life of the University. While this report may represent just a selection of some of the successes and breakthroughs made possible by the results of that collective commitment, I invite you to join me in sincere appreciation for the many contributions made to our community that we have yet to recognize. Thank you.

Paul Alivisatos

President Paul Alivisatos
(Photo by Jason Smith)